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Harvest Blend Compost is made from quality organic material and produced with quality controls throughout the process. The final product is tested by the United States Composting Council Seal of Testing Assurance Program providing third party quality and safety testing.
The Harvest Blend Compost Process
  1. Material is brought to the EG Regional Compost facility and each load is checked for quality.
  2. Material from waste water treatment plants is tested prior to arrival at a certified laboratory and then each load is checked again upon arrival at the facility.
  3. Operators at the facility build long windrows (piles) to be composted, watching consistency of each bucket load so that the consistency will be maintained in the end product.
  4. Compost is a natural process in which micro-organisms break down organic material (leaves, twigs, biosolids & manures) into a dark, crumbly soil amendment.
  5. To make Harvest Blend Compost we use large compost turners that mix the material, introducing oxygen that speeds up the natural process.
  6. As the turner mixes the ingredients, the temperature begins to naturally rise because of the microbial activity within the pile. The temps quickly rise above 131 Degrees Fahrenheit often reaching 160 degrees and above.
  7. The temperatures are monitored daily, and the windrow is turned repeatedly during a 90 day composting period. During this 90 days a more intense 15 day period is entered where the material is turned at least five times within fifteen consecutive days with temperatures above 131 degrees, to ensure that all material is heated.
  8. This heat not only breaks down the organic material, it sanitizes the ingredients, destroying pathogens and weed seeds that may be present.
  9. Through the natural heating process from this microbial activity, the material breaks down and the composition of the original feed stock changes to a stable humus product that is rich in nutrients and micro-organisms.
  10. At Engel & Gray, Inc. Regional Compost Facility we follow very strict criteria when manufacturing Harvest Blend Compost. We are a fully permitted facility that follows all County, State and Federal EPA regulations. The facility has monthly regulatory inspections by the local health department, who performs the inspections for the State of California.
  11. Harvest Blend Compost is tested at a certified laboratory before it is shipped to assure the quality and safety of the product.
  12. Harvest Blend is also registered with the United States Composting Council Seal of Testing Assurance program.