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Harvest Blend Compost is made from quality organic material. The Engel & Gray, Inc. team of employees work hard to produce a quality and safe compost product.
Harvest Blend Compost is the product resulting from the controlled biological decomposition of organic material that has been sanitized through the generation of heat and stabilized to the point that it is beneficial to plant growth. Compost bears little physical resemblance to the raw material from which it originated. Compost is an organic matter source that has the unique ability to improve the chemical, physical and biological characteristics of soils or growing media. It contains plant nutrients but is typically not characterized as a fertilizer.
At Engel & Gray, Inc. Regional Compost Facility we follow a very strict criteria when manufacturing Harvest Blend Compost. We are a fully permitted facility that follows all County, State and Federal EPA regulations. These regulations exist to ensure that only safe and environmentally beneficial compost is produced. Harvest Blend Compost is manufactured using the aerobic (oxygen requiring) windrow method. When the ingredients are mixed, the temperature begins to naturally rise because of the microbial activity within the windrow. During this active composting period, the compost enters a high temperature phase that sanitizes the product and allows a high rate of decomposition . Once the temperature rises above 131 Degrees Fahrenheit it is kept above that temperature and the windrow is turned at least five times over the next fifteen days to ensure that all material is heated. Temperatures are monitored daily to document the process. This heating not only breaks down the organic material, it sanitizes the ingredients, destroying pathogens and weed seeds that may be present. This phase is then followed by a lower temperature phase that allows for the product to stabilize while still decomposing at a lower rate. Engel & Gray, Inc. then ages, or cures, Harvest Blend Compost to further stabilize the soil amendment.
All Harvest Blend Compost is Certified by the United States Composting Council Seal of Testing Assurance program. The Compost is tested at a certified laboratory before it is shipped to assure the quality and safety of the product. Many soil amendments have not been tested and composted at a California permitted facility.